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Prairie Bear Books LogoPrimary_PMS.jpg
Prairie Bear Books LogoPrimary_PMS.jpg

Prairie Bear Books is a Saskatchewan based organization dedicated to bringing books into the homes of children through community partnerships.


Prairie Bear Books raises funds and collects new and gently used books for children and youth. We work with community groups and individuals to distribute these books to children need. 

Who we help:

Our books will be distributed by

-nurses who work in remote locations


-Elizabeth Fry Society

-settlement workers

How We Started

I worked as a rural, small-town librarian. In late 2015 I kept encountering people both at work and in my personal life who were looking for books to give to children in need. These were nurses who work in the north, teachers in the city, settlement workers. These folks were committed to getting books to children to help set them up for academic success. I was told that preschoolers not exposed to books can fall behind their peers once they get to school.

I didn't realize this was even a problem. It seemed to be a problem with a fairly simple solution. I thought, "Wow, someone should do something about this." Then I thought, "Why not me?" In early 2016 I started reaching out to women I know to see if they would like to help. All were enthusiastic and that is how Prairie Bear Books was founded. - Founding member Denise Leduc

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Get in touch with Prairie Bear Books to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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